The cleaner can work in different contexts: cleaning offices , warehouses, industrial and commercial buildings, restaurants and hotels, apartment buildings, private homes, public places such as schools, hospitals, museums, train cleaning. Many job offers concern the field of domestic cleaning : in the ads often the wording used is ” cleaning lady” , and among the tasks requested there is sometimes also the ironing service.

The methods of employment are various, from self-employment with private individuals (often part-time or only a few days of the week), to employment contracts with cleaning companies that offer professional services for the public and private sectors in the following areas: industrial cleaning and civil, floor treatments, sanding, disinfestation, waste transport commercial floor cleaning services in Kansas City.

Depending on the situation, the employee can work as a team or individually, wearing work clothes for cleaning staff (aprons, vests and gowns) and often also safety shoes. The working hours of a cleaner is atypical , having to adapt to the needs of those who commission the cleaning: if she does cleaning in offices or museums, for example, she can only start her work when these spaces are empty, so before or after opening hours.

These are the main duties of a cleaner :

Clean the floors, using hand or motorized equipment (brushes, vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners …)

Dust and tidy up the premises

Clean and disinfect bathrooms

Cleaning doors and windows, washing windows

Empty the waste bins

Maintain standards of hygiene and cleanliness

Safely handle the chemicals needed for cleaning

Keep work equipment in order

There are no specific requirements to undertake the job of a cleaner / cleaner. Minimal experience in the sector and hourly flexibility is often required. For the use of particular chemical products or electric cleaning machines such as polishers or cleaners, specific certifications or the frequency of a professional training course for cleaning staff may be required .

The job of a cleaner is a strenuous job that requires good physical stamina . The knowledge and compliance with sanitation standards is a key requirement, as well as discretion , the precision and the ‘ reliability. The ability to organize and punctuality in carrying out tasks complete the profile.

Good Reasons to Work As a Housekeeper

The job as a cleaner is an interesting choice for those who have to start a career without specific professional training. The very flexible working hours and the possibility of a part-time contract are additional advantages, as they allow other activities to be carried out in parallel. In addition, job vacancies for the cleaner are widespread throughout the country, and it is therefore quite easy to find employment in your area of ​​residence.