The self-destruct message. This is one of the most coveted features from the old fashioned typewriter. We’ve all seen Hollywood’s portrayal of a cheeky spy with a cigarette dangling from their mouth as they type out a self-destruct message on their typewriter with briefcase in hand, ready to run.

Did you know that these messages still exist? While these types of привнот messages are commonly used by spies and diplomats alike, they are also used by businesses to maintain customer privacy and protect sensitive documents.

Benefits of Self Destruct Messages

There are several benefits to using a Self-Destruct message in your business:

  1. Helps avoid data loss or unauthorized access – Why do you need to store something that is meant to be destroyed? The reason a self-destruct message is needed is to circumvent copywrite laws or information security breaches that could lead to data loss for your business. Removing the possibility of a breach through the use of a self-destruct message will help prevent your sensitive information from being disclosed by an employee, be it accidental or malicious.
  1. The general public does not know about them – This is a great opportunity to get an edge over your competition without having to worry about any legal issues arising from the use of these messages.
  2. Competitive Advantage
  3. Build trust in your customers – The general public typically views businesses as only wanting their money, with little regard for their privacy. However, by using self-destruct messages, you are telling your customers that you are willing to protect their privacy even when it may cost you some money and time.

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  1. Decreased Business Risk
  2. Increased Customer Confidence
  3. Your staff will respect you for it – Because of the benefits of self-destruct messages, and how closely monitored employees are, your employees will be more likely to respect the secrecy of your business by using a self-destruct message in situations where they would not have otherwise used one. This is due to their understanding the benefits of the messages and how they could potentially ruin their employer’s reputation.
  4. They are 100% legal – No legal issues because of the encryption of the information, fact that it will be deleted, and the fact that no data is actually stored on your business computer.
  5. Your competitors don’t use them – This is an untapped opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors by adding an extra layer of security to your information storage.
  6. It’s simple to implement – Once you’ve purchased a self-destruct message software, installation is simple and doesn’t take long at all to get up and running.
  7. They are relatively inexpensive – Self-destruct message software is made and sold by small companies that typically don’t have a large marketing budget. Because of this, they can charge less or offer their products at a discount in order to obtain more customers.
  8. You can always purchase them pre-installed on a laptop, PDA, or cell phone – Many portable devices come with self-destruct messages already installed on them, so you don’t have to implement the software yourself but rather just use it as you would anything else on your device.